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AGRI Token

The AGRI token is an exchange-traded utility token which can be used to pay for AgriChain system access through a Payment Gateway.

Where a transaction fee is to be paid in AGRI tokens, users will be charged at the time of transaction. Users will be required to hold a minimum balance of AGRI tokens to ensure system transactions can be completed. AGRI tokens collected by AgriChain as revenue may be sold to the open market to realise a profit.

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Where to buy AGRI tokens


When was the Token Sale and what was the price?

The BlockGrain Token Sale ended in July 2018. The cost per 1 AGRI = $0.075 USD (7.5 US cents).

Where can I purchase AGRI?

AGRI is currently available on Bancor. Visit

Where do I store AGRI?

AGRI can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet. Many people use and recommend My Ether Wallet

What’s the token address?

Name: AgriChain Utility Token

Symbol: AGRI

Decimals: 18

Address: 0xa704fCe7b309Ec09DF16e2F5Ab8cAf6Fe8A4BAA9

What is the current circulating supply?


What is the total supply?

The total supply of AGRI Tokens is 1 Billion.

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