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Our Goal

AgriChain’s vision is to be the largest industry-wide platform for managing the agricultural supply chain; connecting sellers and buyers, providing full paddock-to-plate traceability and allowing bulk logistics companies to manage and grow their operations.

AgriChain was developed with the aid of growers, brokers, logistics providers and buyers from across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and beyond. Our purpose is to provide a simple and intuitive software platform to manage all aspects of the agricultural supply chain, enhanced by the power of blockchain.

Meet the AgriChain Team

Caile Ditterich

Chief Executive Officer

Rahul Srivastava

Chief Information Officer

Laurence James

Chief Product Officer

Ian Dalgliesh

Business Development Manager

David Paton

Business Development and Growth

Ravinder Kumar

Product Manager

Abhishek Sharma

Product Manager

Pulkit Kochar

Lead Quality Engineer

Arvind Singh

Head of Mobile

Hemant Bisht

Senior Android Engineer

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