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Imagine if all stakeholders in the agricultural industry could make better-informed decisions, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and dockets, reduce supply chain inefficiency and risk, open markets and increase their bottom line by conducting business in one simple platform.

AgriChain is that platform.

A powerful featureset

Designed by industry for industry, AgriChain is the world's most comprehensive agricultural supply chain software solution.

Stock management


Supply chain tracking

Logistics automation

Broker integration

Calculated blending


Position reporting (beta)

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Blockchain And Agriculture

Blockchain and agriculture

We are working with a new kind of technology called ‘blockchain’ to enhance our end-to end supply chain software. This is a data system for securely storing information - inherently auditable, unchangeable and open.

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"With AgriChain I now get full visibility of our stock, which ensures I make the best marketing decisions."

Leeton Ryan

Grower - Northern Victoria

"I use AgriChain for my farm and to manage my logistics business, and it's hard to think of us using anything else."

Tyson Vivian

Logistics - Southern Victoria

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