Bringing clarity to food safety

Food supply and safety are a growing concern in the global economy, especially because of the numerous stakeholders involved in the journey of food from farm to plate. To bring more clarity and cohesiveness to food safety, it is important to effectively integrate the various participants that affect this journey – growers, logistics providers, manufacturers, bulk handlers, brokers, importers, exporters, retailers, and consumers.

AgriChain is a simple-to-use software solution that uses blockchain to connect and transfer information between supply chain stakeholders. A one-of-its-kind platform that facilitates transparent transactions across the most widespread supply chains, AgriChain helps tackle inefficiencies and malpractices by the power of information in the form of a shared record of supply chain data, bringing new clarity to food supply and safety.

A frequently used example of Walmart using blockchain to trace back mangoes is often used to illustrate blockchain’s effectiveness is food safety. It took Walmart more than 6 days to trace mangoes to their original farm, an exercise that took 2.2 seconds with blockchain.

The food industry is responsible for improving food safety by being accountable for the quality of its products and for information provided to the consumer, thus making every activity and transaction in the food supply chain, right from preparing, handling, storing, packaging, distributing to retailing, accountable to follow the basics of food safety ethics.

When a product claims to be ‘organic’, ‘handmade’, ‘eco-friendly’, etc., it is easier for consumers to clarify if the claims are true with the power of blockchain. However, without it, nobody can be held accountable in case of contamination or food-borne diseases. Blockchain ensures provenance of each and every commodity that passes through the supply chain journey and hence makes food labelling easy and accurate. This empowers businesses as well as consumers.

AgriChain seamlessly uses blockchain in supply chain tracking at every stage in the supply chain and validates every product. With AgriChain’s agriculture software solutions, your product can be certified as 100% safe with just a scan of a QR code or label that stores the entire journey of that product, making you a forerunner in food safety ethics and increasing your brand’s preferability among the consumers.

If one consumer finds a fault in a product, the entire history of its making and distribution can be traversed to stop its further distribution and find the root cause of the problem, within a few seconds.

If you wish to increase the trust of your consumers in your brand, blockchain is the way to go about it. It’s time for your business to transition from unnecessary paperwork to digital solutions that lend traceability and trust to your products. AgriChain empowers all the participants of the supply chain to help bring much-needed clarity and security to food supply chains, thus improving food quality for one and all.

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