Container Packing

Packing containers, managing pack orders and container inventory has never been easier thanks to the AgriChain packing module. Customers or site operators can easily create pack orders, upload containers and have them packed on our native mobile app (in real time).

No double entry. No managing stocks and containers in different platforms and no waiting for data to be updated. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and data entry with with the AgriChain container packing module.


Simple, fast and secure

Live data entered on tablets

No double entry

Integrates with stock management

Auto invoicing (XERO ready)

Integrates with all weigh scale types

"We haven't looked back since swapping over to AgriChain.
Container documentation management is really
simple and efficient, which makes my life easy."

Kim Humphries
Access Grain


The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture

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