Smart farmers use AgriChain

farm management software

AgriChain is the best way to automate your on farm / off farm deliveries, payments, invoices, contracts and grain storage




Improve your bottom line


Increase your productivity and profitability


Minimise administrative overheads


Reduce costs and debtor days outstanding


Simple, accurate and easy-to-use


Secure and private data storage


View all stocks in your silos, sheds, bags & bunkers

Track every load from your farm to any destination

Manage your stock in home or system storage in real time on your phone

Accurately blend your stock on outload to maximise profit

Automatically updates contracts as you deliver

Connect with logistics companies to plan and execute logistics activities with ease

Automate and record your Chain of Responsibility obligations

Connect your smart device to your weighbridge

Dedicated Web App

The only tool you need

An easy-to-use mobile interface and dedicated web app connects growers, brokers, buyers and logistics providers in one place.

AgriChain transforms the way you do business through grain storage management software like - automating grain contracts, receival dockets, customer orders, and freight movements. AgriChain captures the entire multi-crop value chain in one online platform.


Total supply chain visibility

AgriChain tracks your stock at every stage, ensuring it reaches the right destination to minimise loss. AgriChain creates an historical record of all transaction data, so you can eliminate loss and avoid dispute.

Spend less time producing and chasing paper work, and more time managing your business. Turn inload and outload dockets into digital data using your smartphone’s camera.

"AgriChain is the smartest stock and execution platform we have ever seen"

Harry Davidson

Lawson Grain

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