Managing Entire Bulk Logistics

Managing your entire bulk logistics operation

AgriChain has developed the most comprehensive bulk logistics platform on the market. With AgriChain, logistics companies and owner operators can manage their entire fleet - scheduling loads, managing booking details, organising time-slots and automating Chain of Responsibility obligations.

Automate Cor



Improve your bottom line


Increase your productivity and profitability


Minimise administrative overheads


Reduce costs and debtor days outstanding


Simple, accurate and easy-to-use


Secure and private data storage


Automate and record your Chain of Responsibility obligations

Connect with growers and traders to plan, manage and execute truck movements and scheduling

Load and unload anywhere at the touch of a button

Turn inload and outload dockets into digital data using your smartphone’s camera

Distance tracking, trip mapping and sub-allocating (freight brokerage)

Manage order, booking and movement numbers from your smartphone work diary

Receive live notifications for every contract, freight movement, inload and outload

No expensive GPS systems - do everything from your mobile phone

Mobile Interface

The only tool you need

AgriChain offers logistics providers an easy-to-use to use mobile interface and dedicated web app for creating, recording and managing fleet movements and transactions specifically for bulk logistics.

Freight brokers can also use AgriChain Software to receive orders and allocate to sub-contractors. All the while, AgriChain is managing who is doing what, and when.

The Only Tool You Need

No more paperwork

AgriChain saves your business time and money by connecting you directly to your customers and turning drivers’ dockets into digital information with the touch of a button.

With AgriChain there’s no more lost or late paperwork - everything is sent directly from the driver to the office in real-time.

Connecting You To Agriculture

Connecting you to agriculture

Being part of a single system across the agricultural sector, you’re able to receive new freight orders and movements directly from freight brokers, commodity brokers and growers.

All jobs are automatically added to a drivers’ work schedule, which is updated on pickup and delivery, reducing communication and follow-up.

"I use AgriChain for my farm and to manage my logistics business, and it's hard to think of us using anything else."

Tyson Vivian

Logistics - Southern Victoria

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