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Transforming Agribusiness Dynamics With AgriChain’s Advanced Software Solutions

In the fast-paced world of commodity trading, precision and agility are paramount. AgriChain’s CTRM software enhances your business by providing powerful risk management tools. Our solution enables you to optimise trading strategies, thereby strengthening your competitive edge.

Manage multiple sites from start to finish

AgriChain works with leading flour mills, malt houses, feedlots and agri food manufacturers to manage every stage of the supply chain, including contracting, planning, ordering and timeslotting through to site receivals and invoicing.

AgriChain ensures that internal staff, external suppliers and logistics providers are kept up to date on the status of freight orders, commodity contracts, bookings and delivery information.

farm inventory management software



Drastically reduce administrative overheads


Increase site efficiencies by 30%


Complete traceability of all movements


Free customer portal


Simple, accurate and easy-to-use


Secure and private data storage

Seamless Procurement Precision Through AgriChain’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

Efficient procurement is the backbone of a successful agribusiness. AgriChain’s procurement software revolutionises your supply chain management, offering a streamlined process from sourcing to delivery. Our innovative platform ensures enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and heightened control over your procurement operations.


Cashboards, warehouse fees, shrink and automated invoicing

Create multiple orders to meet site usage requirements in an instant

Specify delivery times to ensure optimum storage levels for different commodities and grades

Allow your customers to book timeslots online or via mobile app

Customer portal on web and mobile

Update all parties as loads are delivered with relevant details

Auto weighbridge technology

Automate Chain of Responsibility obligations

The only site tool you need

By connecting brokers, growers, buyers and logistics providers in one place, AgriChain transforms the way you do business - automating grain contracts, receival dockets, customer orders and freight movements.

AgriChain captures the entire multi-crop value chain in one digital platform.

AgriChain’s Commodity Management Software – Tailored For Success

AgriChain understands the intricacies of agribusiness, and our commodity management software is tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are a large-scale enterprise or a growing operation, our user-friendly interface and powerful analytics tools simplify commodity management, providing a solid foundation for growth and profitability.

Navigating Market Volatility with AgriChain’s Commodity Trading Risk Management Solutions

In the ever-fluctuating landscape of commodity markets, risk management is crucial. AgriChain’s dedicated focus on commodity trading risk management ensures your agribusiness is equipped to navigate uncertainties seamlessly. AgriChain’s CTRM solutions offer a comprehensive approach, allowing you to proactively manage risks and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

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“The grain ordering and time slotting features of the software is a definite highlight. AgriChain is easy to use and allows me to optimise the execution of our supplier deliveries by allocating each delivery to a time slot.”

Grant Hando

Allied Pinnacle

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