Site Management and Bookings

Elevate Agricultural Logistics With AgriChain’s Slot Booking System

In the dynamic realm of agricultural logistics, AgriChain stands out as an innovation leader, offering a revolutionary slot booking system that changes how you do business. This innovative platform serves as a unifying force, connecting all stakeholders and steering them towards efficiency, informed decision-making, and increased profitability.

Managing Entire Bulk Logistics

The only tool you need for time slots and bookings

An easy to use online site booking platform is a must-have for all companies looking to manage their sites.

With the AgriChain Web App, you can manage and plan all your inload and outload schedules across multiple sites.

Easily open time slots by selecting options like: commodity, grade and time slot frequency.

Streamlined Operations With Time Slot Booking

With AgriChain’s slot booking system, you can finally find sanctuary from logistical headaches and enjoy a streamlined operation. Our time slot booking system addresses the complexities of scheduling and managing deliveries, offering stakeholders a seamless and paperless solution. By eradicating operational bottlenecks, this system ensures a smooth flow of processes, contributing to a more agile and responsive supply chain.

Automate Cor



Automate online bookings


Schedule your inloads & outloads by multiple parameters


Automate Chain of Responsibility obligations


Allow your customers to book time slots online automatically


Increase your site efficiency by 30%


Reduce labour costs by removing phone bookings


Monitor your inbound & outbound trucks in real-time

Mobile Interface

Manage your Chain of Responsibility obligations on site

As of October 2018, all sites that receive or outload commodities must do their part in managing their Chain of Responsibility.

Using both the AgriChain Web and Mobile App, manage your on-site Chain of Responsibility obligations.

The Only Tool You Need

Reduce back and forth calls

Open time slots can easily be edited or moved once added to the calendar.

Logistic companies and suppliers can now see what times are available and make a booking.

Once a customer has booked a slot, you can edit it on the fly and update the progress of the booking.

Unlocking Markets With The AgriChain Slot Booking App

Markets unfold and opportunities abound with the AgriChain slot booking app: a user-friendly tool that empowers stakeholders to effortlessly schedule and oversee their deliveries. By embracing this technology, businesses not only bid farewell to paperwork but also witness the opening of new avenues, leading to increased profitability and market access.

Why Choose AgriChain

AgriChain transcends the traditional boundaries of agricultural software solutions. Through innovative systems that understand and cater to the complexities of the agriculture industry, it provides businesses with simplicity, optimisation, and success.

Join the agricultural evolution – simplify, optimise, and thrive with AgriChain. Sign up today!

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