Bulk Inventory Management

Streamline Your Agricultural Operations With AgriChain's Cutting-Edge Inventory Management Software

Revolutionise your agricultural enterprise with AgriChain's state-of-the-art inventory management software. We help you tackle the challenges of managing vast quantities of stock effortlessly, ensuring seamless operations at every stage. With our innovative stock management solutions, you can work smarter rather than harder, all while enjoying the accuracy and efficiency of tailored software. 

Stock Management Software Solutions For Australian Agriculture

AgriChain understands the unique needs of Australian agriculture and the people who dedicate themselves to the industry. Our stock management software in Australia is designed to meet the demands of the local market, offering precision and flexibility to optimise your inventory management processes.

The Power Of Bulk Inventory Management

With AgriChain, you can say goodbye to the complexities of bulk inventory management. AgriChain empowers you to handle large volumes with ease, providing real-time insights and control over your stock levels using our inventory management app. With the innovation of inventory management software in Australia, you can minimise waste and maximise profits for your business. 

Experience Effortless Inventory Control — Try AgriChain Today!

Seize control of your agricultural inventory with AgriChain, and experience the efficiency and accuracy of our inventory management software. Sign up today and witness the transformative power of streamlined stock management.

Both web and mobile ready, the AgriChain stocks module allows you to visualise all your stocks in one easy location.

Be it grain on farm or in multiple storage facilities, we have you covered. If you are storing grain for other parties, the AgriChain platform is perfect for you. Give your customers access to a world class mobile and web based portal to view, transfer and cash grain at site.


Stock quality outload predictor

Mobile and Web accessible

Automated warehouse fees

Automated shrink calculations

Regrade feature

Stock swap feature

"Thanks to AgriChain we can now monitor all our
stock across multiple farms. AgriChain has allowed
us to automate all our harvest and post harvest execution."

Harry Davidson
Lawson Grain


The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture

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