AgriChain & the Ghana government

AgriChain working to establish critical agricultural infrastructure across Ghana


AgriChain is currently in discussion with the Ghana government regarding the establishment of critical agricultural infrastructure across Ghana.

AgriChain will work together with Grain Storage Silo Bags Australia to implement co-operative silo bag storage points across the country which utilises the AgriChain platform.

The platform, which is the first in West Africa and the third in Africa, will link food crop producers to buyers to secure competitive prices for their produce, provide a guaranteed market and storage of quality graded grains and cereals.

With an estimated one million farmers set to be rolled onto the system in the next 18 months, farmers will gain access to secure storage for their harvest and good warehousing management practices.

This will reduce post-harvest losses, improve farmers’ take-home sales, provide them with affordable short-term loans, using their commodities as collateral, as well as managing borrowers’ credit and default risks.

This platform will contribute to the transformation of the Ghana economy, especially by offering farmers respectable prices for their toil and, at the same time, creating jobs through the value chain.