Automate your COR obligations

In the wake of the recent amends made to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) that introduced COR (Chain of Responsibility) Laws in Australia in October 2018. The law states that every party in the supply chain shares the responsibility of ensuring the safety of transport activities involved in the completion of the entire supply chain. This puts an obligation on every stakeholder within the supply chain to work towards eliminating or minimising potential risks, losses or harm by undertaking reasonable steps and performing safe practices to ensure that the law is complied with.

The Need for Automation

Manufacturer, retailer, logistics provider, distributor, broker or other supply chain parties may be involved in the act of directly or indirectly engaging a transporter, which in turn gives them the power to influence the delivery time, route, and even pricing. These simple acts have a trickle-down effect that may have significant consequences when seen from the perspective of safety during road transportation.

Having automated procedures in place that take care of your CoR obligations keeps freight transportation safe and makes it easy for businesses to avoid legal liability. This is achieved by ensuring that your business supply chain is implementing all that it can to prevent incidents, which could be a result of abusive substances, fatigue, or speeding to achieve overly demanding targets and timelines, you are protecting you and your business from contravention.

It is time to take ownership of your role in the supply chain and implement Chain of Responsibility, a step that is at its core the ethical business choice to make.

How AgriChain helps you automate your CoR obligations?

The software plays an important part in ensuring that all the documentation pertaining to the driver, vehicles as well as the logistics company are up-to-date. It also issues alerts and warnings wherever required.

Company-wide documents like state registrations for heavy vehicles and licenses, driver accreditations including mass, fatigue, and fleet maintenance management, insurances, as well as site-specific inductions, are all managed and readily available to the consignor/consignee ahead of the truck’s arrival (for either pickup or delivery).

Other features that make AgriChain the best choice for your business are

  • regular alerts to the driver if they haven’t taken a break in over three hours
  • warning to keep the carrying capacity in check in case of excess,
  • notification if the actual travel is 15% below the estimated travel time,
  • specific instructions when the driver is about to reach the site.

The last step of the inload or outload process requests the truck driver, consignor and consignee to digitally sign a simple CoR declaration in line with CoR best practices.

AgriChain protects you, your business, as well as the entire supply chain that you are a part of, by easily making CoR a part of your everyday business operations.

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