Timeslotting & Procurement

AgriChain's customer driven timeslotting solution is the most advanced booking platform available for both inbound and outbound bulk goods.

Simply open your timeslots based on your custom requirements and watch as your suppliers or customers make bookings in real time, providing you with full visibility over what trucks are arriving and when. Make sure your suppliers and customers are proactively managing their bookings, ensuring your facility is running at maximum capacity.


Visual order status breakdown

Fully customisable

Auto real time update

Grade break down

Driven by your customers

Multiple slots and multiple pits

"AgriChain allows us to proactively manage our procurement,
giving us full oversight across all current and future deliveries
as well as removing all pre and post delivery paperwork and forms."

Grant Hando
Allied Pinnacle


The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture
The Future of Agriculture

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